Raphael Martin Growing
Raphael Martin is a Basel based singer-songwriter and has been pursuing and living his passion for music for decades. In his younger years, Raphael was on the road as a drummer for the band Unchained, and later on, as the front man and singer for Asphalt. He continued as a solo artist from 2008 to 2013, a period that culminated with the recording of the album “Home” in Toronto.

After returning to Switzerland, Raphael wanted to form a new, permanent band. At the beginning of 2014, he reached out to his friend Marc Lauener, a pianist from Basel, who immediately accepted. Drummer Michael Rickli, a colleague of Lauener’s at that time, joined shortly after. Bassist Dominik Mann and singer Helena Zumsteg soon completed the new band. The first concert took place in May 2015 in Basel’s Parterre, which was a success. Despite this great initial reception, the band only performed on rare occasions in the following years for various reasons.

In 2018, the band finally defined a clear goal: creating an album that captures the essence of Raphael Martin. To live up to this vision, the band intensified their practice, and created new songs that soon found their way into their repertoire.

In March 2020, the band released their new EP “Growing”, and celebrated the release with a concert at Basel’s Atlantis.
March 2020
12.03.2020 Atlantis, Basel

Upcoming shows will follow shortly. If you are interested in booking us, reach out to info@raphael-martin.com

Atlantis, Basel
The band made a deliberate selection of five songs, focused on them only in preparation for the recordings. In Ramon Vaca, the band found an experienced Basel based producer and sound engineer who joined the project. In the spring and summer of 2019, the band’s first recordings took place at Helium Records studio in Basel.

The EP “Growing”, released in March 2020, is characterized by Raphael’s voice, his deep and personal lyrics, and the musical expression of this experienced band. The compositions recorded date from 2009 to 2019, and are reflections of Raphael’s life. Raphael Martin (vocals/guitars) is accompanied by musicians Marc Lauener (piano), Dominik Mann (bass), Michael Rickli (drums), Helena Zumsteg (vocals), and Heiko Gottberg (guest guitar).

You can order the EP via SMS (CHF 9.-): Simply send the keyword “igroove growtn” to phone number 9000.