Raphael Martin Silver Door

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Raphael Martin is a Basel based singer-songwriter and has been pursuing and living his passion for music for decades. In his younger years, Raphael was on the road as a drummer for the band „Unchained“, and later as the front man and singer for „Asphalt“. He continued as a solo artist from 2008 to 2013, a period that culminated with the recording of the album “Home” in Toronto.

After returning to Switzerland, Raphael aspired to form a new band. In 2014, he reached out to his friend Marc Lauener, a pianist from Basel, who immediately accepted. Drummer Michael Rickli, a colleague of Lauener’s at that time, joined shortly after. Bassist Dominik Mann and singer Helena Zumsteg soon completed the new band. The band played their first gig in May 2015 in Basel’s Parterre.

In 2020, the band released the EP „Growing“ which captured the essence of Raphael Martin. Two years later, in May 2022, Raphael Martin presents his new single „Silver Door“ - kicking off a new era of the band with more frequent releases and gigs: new songs are already recorded and about to be released later this year.

Stay tuned!
21.05.2022 Atlantis, Basel

Upcoming shows will follow shortly. If you are interested in booking us, reach out to info@raphael-martin.com